Intellectual Property

MCC has developed a solid portfolio of intellectual property including proprietary scoring algorithms for standardized item-recall tests and a vast database of detailed clinical outcomes measures.

In addition, we have several patents issued or in process. These patents include:

  • A method for assigning a numeric index to a pattern of recall;
  • A method for identifying potential "cheaters" who are cognitively assessed over the phone;
  • A novel scoring algorithm for an item-recall test;
  • A method for combining advanced mathematics with models of underlying cognitive processes to effectively:
    • monitor progression of cognitive impairment
    • measure treatment effects
    • assimilate biomarker measures with cognitive measures as a means to achieving a diagnosis
  • A method for translating cognitive performance onto a scale of functional ability

These patent filings, in addition to the lengthy data collection process upon which our technologies have been developed, provide the company with a defensible IP position and a strong competitive advantage.