Cognitive Assessment

MCC’s assessment and monitoring products provide healthcare professionals with the tools they need to meet the rapidly growing challenge of caring for an aging population.

Each of our assessment products is based on the principles of neuroinformatics and all have been developed through extensive, evidenced-based research. Hundreds of academic and community clinical settings rely on our products to assess their patients, and multiple ADRD research projects are currently underway at academic institutions throughout the United States and Japan.

Our proprietary scoring methods are used to provide outcome analyses and scoring services for cognitive assessment tools such as the CERAD and ADAS-Cog 10-word lists. Such analyses and services have provided our clients with a better understanding of their own data and more discerning evaluation of their clinical trial results.

We offer a line of online assessment tools including the MCI Screen™, the Functional Assessment Staging Test, the Depression Screen, the Prevention Report, and the Memory Screen. Each assessment tool is delivered through an easy-to-use, guided interface and provides an immediate assessment report.